This article should help you decide which track
of The Daily Prayer Project will work best for you!


In the Traditional track,

  • six people come together for
  • five weeks in their local church
  • to ask four very important questions.cropped-copy-of-the-daily.png

Currently, it’s only being done at the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle on Long Island. But YOU could do it in your local church too! 


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Peer Group

Another possibility for The Daily Prayer Project is the Peer Group Track, carried out with the peer group of your choosing. Here’s what you do:

Pull together five people (other than yourself) from your

→ family,

→ your neighborhood, or even among

→ your colleagues at work

Make a commitment to walk through The Daily Prayer Project together.

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The Online/Video Track is offered through the Daily Prayer Project Facebook page utilizing Messenger, Zoom, conference calls, etc.

The student

→ accesses the Power Point videos here

→can access the Daily Prayer Project podcast here

→ participates in a weekly video or phone conference call with other online students (to be determined per group)


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In the Individual Track you simply

  • access the textbook here for free
  • access the Daily Prayer Project podcast here
  • follow the DPP guidelines here

Alsojust fill out this form! We would love to know that you are doing this individually!