Did You Pray Every Day Last Week?

Ok, this is the accountability page. It’s going to help you to continue developing the habit of daily prayer. Here’s how it will work—

Every Monday morning, come to this post and in the comments section simply answer the four questions:

Did you pray every day last week? (if you DID NOT are you able to identify the things that hindered you?)

When you did pray, was it at a set time?

Was it in a set place?

Was your first priority intimacy with Jesus?

Once you have posted your answers, tell us how your prayer week went.

THEN join with me in reading the posts and offering insights and encouragement!


For Those Who Struggle to Pray

Do you find prayer to be a difficult habit to maintain? Maybe the word “habit” bothers you. The bottom line is we know that prayer is the means by which we can maintain an ever-deepening love relationship with Jesus Christ.

The book Contending for the Habit of Daily Prayer was written to help people discover how they too can learn how to cultivate a meaningful, dynamic, daily habit of prayer. But, it’s not just a book! It is a plan! That’s what this website is all about. Here’s how it works…

Step 1

Find a few friends (preferably at least four plus yourself but no more than eight) who also struggle with prayer in one way or another and read the book together. (You can purchase the book through Amazon in paperback or for the Kindle and soon in an audio book. You can also purchase it directly from Issachar Imprints. Or, if you are on Long Island, you can purchase it at the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle offices. For more information about the book, its author, or to read an excerpt, click here!)

Step 2

Meet once a week for five weeks to honestly answer the questions based on the guidelines laid out in Chapter 4 and the weekly assignments in APPENDIX 2, and to encourage one another.

Step 3

Repeat as needed. I love teaching this class because it helps me to stay sharp in my prayer life!

You can get started right now by clicking here!