Come on April 15!

I can’t wait for April 15! Not because I love paying taxes. But because that’s when the Daily Prayer Project: Continuing Connection begins!

I will be honest with you: I need this! I need the fellowship and the encouragement! I hope you feel that way too.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: We we’re planning to meet in Room A-207. NOT ANYMORE! We will be meeting in Room A-208—the same room we met in for the project.

DPP:Continuing Connection Launches April 15!

I am excited about the launching of DPP:Continuing Connection (DPP:CC)! The truth is, I just feel the need to stay connected to all of you who have gone through the project.

I had hoped that we could stay connected through the Accountability Page on this website. I’m not giving up on that! I think meeting in person will help that along.

So what will be be doing at DPP:CC?

Other than the fellowship and encouragement of connecting together over our common desire to cultivate the Secret Place, I hope to explore with you some important places in Scripture that I continue to return to that encourage me in my pursuit of intimacy with God.

Most of you wouldn’t know this but I have some facility with the original language of the New Testament: Koine Greek. The passages I referred to are rich with meaning and I hope we can slowly but surely—informally but with focus—let these places in God’s Word fuel our desire for Him and bolster our faith!

Please prayerfully consider making Continuing Connection a part of your routine on:

Sunday mornings @ 10:30 in RM A-207