2018: The Year of the Secret Place—the Year We Pursue the Fragrance of Jesus

I’m declaring 2018 the Year of the Secret Place! More specifically, a year of putting everything aside except fellowship with God and immersing ourselves in His Word and His Presence. A year of pursuing intimacy with Him. A year of pursuing the fragrance of Jesus. A year of cultivating a longing for His voice and a longing for His promise to confide in us (Psalm 25:14, Amos 3:7).

I have goals as I am sure you do. I have obstacles working against me as you do I’m sure. But I’m purposing my heart to pursue these things! This is the year!

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  1. Re: Good word;
    I received it for me and my family. Jesus’s name.
    Wishing ya’l a happy, heathy an prosperous New Yea. I am thankful that we ‘re serving a Mighty God. A God who deserves
    a new beginnings for us. This year, by His grace. I’m purposing in heart to know him more and more. As Pastor Scott says, setting everything aside except fellowship to the one whose all powers below to, realizing that whatever I am looking for He makes possible in this place of intimacy. ( Mat. 19: 26)
    “Praise God” everyone.


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