Great Reunion!

It was a joy for me to gather with so many of you this morning for our DPP Reunion! If you missed it—you missed it!

I hope you were encouraged, maybe even reminded of some things. I also hope you can see how many other precious people have gone through the project as you have.

Of course, as I have said from the start, the Daily Prayer Project is not a one time class or event, it is an initiation into a community.

In 2018,

  • I hope to develop DPP 2.0 for those who have completed the initial project.
  • I am looking forward to a youth version of the project
  • Looking for our first young adult group
  • Will schedule a spring and fall reunion.


  • be encouraged.
  • Take the DPP again.
  • Look for some of these developments to come about.
  • Participate on the website. (I will soon post a how-to video for those who have struggled with posting on the blog.)


  • No guilt
  • Be honest with yourself about your efforts to pray
  • Keep the vision in focus

4 thoughts on “Great Reunion!

  1. Yes, Joan.
    Reunion was awesome, like Joan, I enjoyed myself chatted with everyone, thanks Pastor Scott for going the extra miles to make so excited especially, the time we were trying to figure out how the Keurig coffee machine works.
    I Thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to give thanks for His mercies over me and my family. In the secret place where I usually, commit all my cares upon Him and I often sense His presence and He could hear saying to me in still voice you’re not alone.. I am with you always.
    “Praise the Lord” everyone.


    1. Thanks for attending the Reunion Anne! Don’t get me started on that coffee maker! Thank you for your faithfulness Anne and for you encouragement to me and others!


  2. Joan
    It was a pleasure to see so many people at reunion and speaking to some as we got our coffee/bagels. Thanks you Pastor Scott.
    Busy time of year and praying that God helps me to focus on Him which is most important.
    I am feeling encouraged by God that even in those “lows” I can feel Him.
    The Secret Place is where I bring everything to Him and it’s where I love Him and worship Him. So in our relationship I will trust Him and never doubt.
    I encourage all of us to lean on God’s love and strength this Christmas season. He is our Father, our Daddy and loves us more than we know. He will never disappoint! God bless you all.

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