Come to the DPP Family Reunion!

Did you attend the Daily Prayer Project this year? If so, then you are part of the DPP Family and you are invited to attend the Daily Prayer Project Family Reunion.Family Reunion 2017

We will have refreshments, a chance to reconnect, and maybe pick up some fresh encouragement. THIS IS NOT A CLASS! Just a chance to stay connected with those you went through the project with and to meet some others who went through it as well.

I hope we will see you on Sunday, December 3, at 10:30am, in room A-207 (next door to where we held the project)!


3 thoughts on “Come to the DPP Family Reunion!

  1. Yes, Pastor, God bless you for all you’re encouragement. I supposed to give thanks in everything according to the word of God in (1 Thessalonians 5:18) ” For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus” concerning us.
    In Psalm 63, David said, ” Early will I seek thee” I am reminded this morning, like David, today Lord, help me to seek and pursue you daily and to experience your glory, power like never before. In Jesus’s name.
    Brethren, have a bless week.
    Anne Hauser


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